Thursday, 19 June 2008

SMSRelay Suite: SMSBatch

Today I managed to sit down for a few hours and code SMSBatch. SMSBatch is a cross platform utility that is designed as part of the SMSRelay Suite. The purpose of SMSBatch is to allow a single SMS message to be composed and then sent out to multiple people. An example of this would be informing your customers or suppliers of something important or urgent, a move of premises perhaps.

At the moment SMSBatch supports an import of Names and Telephone Numbers from either CSV or TAB delimited files. Once the list is imported and the message written it can be sent to all the contacts highlighted in the grid.

To make the message personalised I have incorporated a ‘placeholder’ option. If the text [Name] is found within the message it is substituted with the appropriate contact name when the message is written.

SMSBatch is shown below: (Mac OSX Version shown)

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