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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Last Entry for TekTalkin

This will be the last entry I am going to make on this blog. Over the past year or so it has become difficult to keep the separation between this blog and my company blog over at http://www.artenscience.co.uk/artenscience/Blog/Blog.html.

Therefore I have setup a new blog over at www.lonelyhacker.net, rss: feed://feeds2.feedburner.com/Lonelyhacker.

This will purely be a personal blog and will cover a wide range of topics with no crossover with the official Arten Science blog.

I hope some of you will join me there :-)

Cheers for all your support and encouragement.

-Steve Cholerton

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Bulk Email Sending For Windows

Early this morning I released the Windows version of R10BatchMail. This wasn't in the plan but I did have a few requests for it so it seemed worthwhile. I am so glad I used REALbasic for the development though - takes away a lot of the pain of cross platform development.

R10BatchMail is available at an Introductory Price at the moment which runs out on the 4th May, so if you'd like a copy then now is the time :-)

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Saturday, 25 April 2009

R10BatchMail - Early Results

R10BatchMail has had a very promising start. All licenses that I have shipped so far have been Site Licenses. In addition people are taking advantage of my bundle offer with R10Clean to clean their data prior to using it for mailing.

I've worked hard every day on adding additional tweaks and features that customers have requested, the feature set is now far richer than it was when launched a few days ago :-)

One customer has even taken advantage of my bespoke services to have R10BatchMail pull the data from their corporate database and store the results back as customer history. Very pleased with that.

Sales of R10BatchMail have meant that I have already exceeded last months income, for the 4th consecutive month of growth - long may it continue !

Despite some of the negative issues (see previous post) this has been a very successful product launch.

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Morality of Creating Bulk / Batch eMailer Software

I have received some criticism recently - not criticism of my software as such, but criticism for writing it in the first place.

I wrote R10BatchMail initially because I wished to send my customers our 1st Arten Science Newsletter.

I spoke to a few people and found that they couldn't recommend any Mac software for this purpose. R10BatchMail was born because it met a need that I and a number of other people have.

Can it be used by spammers ? Yes. Do I believe I am responsible for their actions ? No.

In the same way that the manufacturers of a kitchen knife are not responsible when the knife is used in a domestic stabbing. Most objects can be used in a correct and responsible way and also in an irresponsible and incorrect manner.

I don't think I deserve criticism for producing something that fulfills a gap in the market - even if it could be used in a manner that I certainly *do not* endorse.

Is Apple and Microsoft responsible for the viewing of child pornography because their browsers allow those evil few to use it in such a manner ? It's about time we embraced the good old virtues of *personal responsibility*. Sadly, especially here in the UK that concept is largely ignored in favour of legislation and condemnation.

I could go on - but I won't. Soap box discarded for now.

Have a good weekend :-)

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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Instapaper - Awesome

This is simple web app that I use all the time. I see a page I'd like to read but time is short so I click the link and Instapaper stores it for me to read later, either on my desktop, laptop or iPhone.

Really, really good. http://www.instapaper.com/

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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Bulk Email Sending Software for Mac OSX

Arten Science today launched a new product: R10BatchMail.

What is it ?

R10BatchMail is a simple to use Bulk Email Sending program for Macintosh OSX.

R10BatchMail is useful for sending a newletter, informing of change of address, marketing or any one of a thousand other reasons for contacting your customers, prospects or suppliers.

With R10BatchMail there is no need to clutter up your Address Book with prospects in order to contact them via email. Data is imported into R10BatchMail from an industry standard TAB Delimited file. A TAB Delimited file can be created from almost any application that holds data, and is the default format for 'bought in' lists.

R10BatchMail records what was send and who to and allows you to export this history to Excel, a TAB Delimited File or Comma Separated File. From this file you can update your corporate database if necessary.

R10BatchMail was designed primarily to be easy and quick to use, whilst still providing the essential functionality required.

Who's it For ?

For anybody who needs to communicate with their customers, prospects or suppliers quickly and easily using HTML email.

How Much Does It Cost ?

R10BatchMail is available in three editions:
• Free Edition - Contains a link to R10BatchMail at the footer of each email
• Standard Edition - £25
• Site License - £100

R10BatchMail Features

▪ Supports HTML and Plain Text Email
▪ Minimal configuration - just enter the 'From' address.
▪ Email Addresses imported from a Tab Delimited File
▪ Columns can be sorted
▪ The HTML Message can be previewed within R10BatchMail
▪ Message text can be dragged/dropped from within another document
▪ A text file can be dropped over the message input area
▪ Select Some or All of your Imported Contacts
▪ Session History can be Exported to XLS, TAB or CSV
▪ To help with Proof Reading R10BatchMail can Speak your message
▪ All Actions have a Keyboard Shortcut

Note: If you wish to pull information directly from your corporate database, and push the results back - Arten Science will be happy to quote for your personal requirements.

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