Saturday, 25 April 2009

R10BatchMail - Early Results

R10BatchMail has had a very promising start. All licenses that I have shipped so far have been Site Licenses. In addition people are taking advantage of my bundle offer with R10Clean to clean their data prior to using it for mailing.

I've worked hard every day on adding additional tweaks and features that customers have requested, the feature set is now far richer than it was when launched a few days ago :-)

One customer has even taken advantage of my bespoke services to have R10BatchMail pull the data from their corporate database and store the results back as customer history. Very pleased with that.

Sales of R10BatchMail have meant that I have already exceeded last months income, for the 4th consecutive month of growth - long may it continue !

Despite some of the negative issues (see previous post) this has been a very successful product launch.
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