Sunday, 22 June 2008

SMSRelay Suite: Linux Testing Etc.

I’ve been using Ubuntu Linux recently for testing the Linux versions of my software. The ideal way of doing this for me has been to download a Virtual Appliance from VMWare and run this under Fusion on my Mac. This works extremely well. With a new version of Fusion a couple of weeks ago my Linux VM was telling me that my VMWare Tools were now out of date.

It’s not immediately obvious how to update the VMWare Tools, the following method is what worked for me:

Load the Ubuntu VM and log in

Select Update VMWare Tools from the Fusion menu

Drag the VMWareTools-X.X.X-XXXXX.tar.gz file to the /tmp directory

Double click the VMWareTools-X.X.X-XXXXX.tar.gz file and drag the vmware-tools-distrib folder from the archive into the /tmp directory

Open a terminal window and type the following: cd /tmp/vmware-tools-distrib

Type: sudo ./

Enter your root password

Press RETURN to accept the default response to all the questions asked by the installer

When the installer has finished, type: vmware-toolbox & to run the VMWare Tools

I do have a problem to solve however. Under this particular version of Ubuntu my dialog buttons aren’t displaying correctly, but the buttons on my form are rendered fine ... This might be a tricky one to overcome as I don’t think I have much control over dialog buttons. Until I solve this it could turn out to be a showstopper for the Linux versions of my software, at least with this version of Ubuntu, unless it’s a screen resolution, DPI type problem ...

On a lighter note, here’s a screenshot, and I can definitely recommend the KAsteroids game :-)

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