Sunday, 22 June 2008

SMSRelay Suite: Quick Update

Well, I solved my Linux ‘button display’ problem, it only happened under certain (rare) circumstances so I was able to implement a work around - so all is good with the world :-) Tomorrow I am concentrating on documentation ... wow, the fun never stops :-)

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Bracken said...

I've had similar problems with dialog windows in Linux in the past. I could never figure it out though. Would you mind sharing what your solution was?

Steve Cholerton said...

The problem was actually on 'Sheet Windows' not Dialog Boxes.

On the Mac a Sheet Window drops from the top of the parent window and has no titlebar, on Windows and Linux REALBasic substitutes a standard window instead.

On the Linux version the addition of the titlebar seems to crush the button down to half it's size.

The solution was simply to insert some code in the Sheet Window 'Open' method and specifically size the button. btnSave.Height = 30

It's a bit of a hack but only needed for Sheet Windows and it worked so I'm not complaining too much :-)

I suspect this is a different problem to what you are experiencing but may provide a clue ?

All the best - Steve