Tuesday, 24 June 2008

SMSRelay Suite: Nearly There

The coding is now complete for my SMSRelay Suite project. The last couple of days have been spent on documentation and the website, with lots more work on the website required :-)

There are lots of features I would have liked to add before release but I think it is important to get *something* out there. Extra features can be added later. Some of the features I intend to add in the next release are:

Save the Messages to a Hierarchal Structure
Scheduled, Repeating SMS Text Messages.
Convert to ‘Txt Talk’ ie: ‘before’ to ‘b4’, later to ‘l8r’ etc.
Save / View / Analyse and Export History
Accept SMS Replies

The website is here: http://www.artenscience.co.uk

A Trial Version of the software can be downloaded here: http://www.artenscience.co.uk/autoupdate/latestversions/smsrelay.zip

The documentation can be downloaded here: http://www.artenscience.co.uk/autoupdate/documentation/smsrelaymanual.zip

The client software is zipped individually for each platform and can be downloaded from the links below:

ArtenSMS Client for Windows

ArtenSMS Client for Macintosh OSX

ArtenSMS Client for Linux

SMSBatch Client for Windows

SMSBatch Client for Macintosh OSX

SMSBatch Client for Linux

If any of the ‘30 Dayers’ would like a free of charge license for SMSRelay Suite, let me have your name, company name and address and I’ll send you a license file over.

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ColinM said...

Hi Steve,

The main image on your website, doesn't look very crisp a bit pixelated, and the Arten Science block is spilling out of the main area in FF 3.0. But minor things really, good luck in finishing off the rest of it!

Steve McLeod said...


I'm also dog tired. I'm glad the 30 days are almost over!

Thanks for the offer of a free license. At the moment, it wouldn't be of much use to me, so I'll pass. But I have spent the last few minutes contemplating how I could creatively use it!


Steve McLeod

Steve Cholerton said...

Hi Colin. Thanks for the feedback. There is much work to be done on the site but I have altered the image and it hopefully looks better now :-) I'm going to be testing the site on Firefox 3, Safari (it looks much better on Safari) and Internet Explorer 7.