Thursday, 26 June 2008

30 Day Benefits: Group Hug :-)

I don’t know about anyone else but I am finding lots of benefits from taking part in the ‘30 Day Challenge’. First of all, there is the increased motivation that comes from working on what feels like a collaborative project, yeh, we are all doing different things but it feels like a team event and the motivation is there to continue and contribute.

Second, and connected to the first - is the fact that a someone who works from a home office (which I believe many of us do) does not always get the chance to take part in ‘water cooler moments’ - when you work on your own most of the time it can be good to communicate with others in a way such as this.

Third, I have a new found respect for the work ethic, skills and intelligence of you guys. There is some truly *great* stuff being created.

And Fourth, the hints, tips and observations from you all. For example this from Philip. I wouldn’t have known about this product except for his post.

I think it would be good if we all had some memento of this event, a graphic or something made up of the names of everyone involved, details of the challenge etc. I would do it myself but as I have said before - I have the graphic skills of Stevie Wonder :-( Any volunteers ? Or am I mad ? Anyone else think this is a good idea ?

"The thing that I'm always left with is this overwhelming desire for people to be rooted and the only way that they feel rooted is through another person." - John Allen


Phillip said...

Hi Steve,

I think the feeling you have is not isolated. I also feel somewahat the same thing. Even though we all just met through this challenge there is a common bond between all of the guys who participated in it. We have shared something together.

A good idea to pursue which I intend to is to continue posting on how the product is faring once it is out there. I think there is a momentum that has been generated by the blogs and it will be unfortunate if it was left on the wayside. I think it will be good if the 30day feed continues but now the content will be the post-3odays thingy. It will be interesting to seen how things are in July 2009.

Just my thoughts. Will you be ready on the 1st?

Steve Cholerton said...

Hi Philip.

Thanks for the comment. If the feed is left 'live' then we can let everyone know about our sales, how we did marketing, what was good or bad etc. I think that would be really interesting.

I am ready now, with the exception of adding e-commerce to my website, so yeh - just in time :-)

Phillip said...


Just curious, suddenly, I can't see your blog posts via the 30days feed. Any ideas?

Steve Cholerton said...

Hi Philip.

I am only tagging posts that are directly related to the 30 Day project, other posts I don't tag with 'SMSRelay' so they don't appear.

Funny thing tho' - Google Reader hasn't shown me any new posts on the 30 Day feed for a couple of days ... Different issue - but annoying !

Cheers - Steve

Bracken said...

we were thinking about making some kind of 30 day sprint t-shirt to sell if we thought there was enough interest. We'd probably whip up some kind of graphic for it as well.