Thursday, 19 June 2008

SMSRelay Suite: Flyer Feedback !

A couple of posts ago I uploaded an early version of a flyer I am creating to advertise my SMSRelay product. I’ve had loads of feedback via email and it was all useful. The best one however came from my former boss, a company owner and entrepreneur who included the following sentences in his evaluation:

The product’s great but you’re no more a Graphic Designer than I am

and ...

Don’t forget you buy with your eyes !

Harsh ! this made me laugh out loud. I recognised the truth in what he was saying immediately, that’s what I call honest feedback - no sugar coating at all :-) I’m not going back to the drawing board on this however, I had a lot of other great suggestions which I am going to incorporate and then run with it. It’s the classic ‘Chicken and Egg’ situation, but I would like to earn some revenue from this product before I spent more money on professional artwork and design.

I have had a professional Graphic Designer working on my company logo however. The image below is where we are with it at the moment. I would appreciate any comments on this logo, this is something I do need to get right. What do you think ?

"The world is not yet exhaused; let me see something tomorrow which I never saw before." - Samuel Johnson

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