Monday, 9 June 2008

SMSRelay Suite: Quick Update

The ArtenSMS client application now has an AutoUpdate function that checks on startup (subject to preferences setting) for the latest version and offers the user the option of downloading an update. I have also included a ‘Check For Updates’ menu option. The client application is written in REALbasic and this now works well for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, only downloading the version for your specific platform.

The main program, SMSRelay is written in so at some point I have to investigate how .NET handles HTTP so that I can use the same infrastructure at the server end regardless of the code I have written the application in. Once that is done however I will have reusable code for handling online updates for .NET and REALbasic for the three operating system platforms.

One area I am struggling with is the visuals, screen layouts, colours and icons ... I have the graphic design skills of Stevie Wonder, I may have to enlist the help of a former Jedi Apprentice who used to work for me ... :-) If you are reading this Danny - what do you think ? :-)

"Brains, like hearts, go where they are appreciated." - Robert S McNamara


Mike Wilson said...

.NET HTTP is very, very easy.

I'm sure you'll find some sample code; but I'll be posting up some various .NET HTTP code up during this month since my 30 day project also utilises HTTP (in .NET) to allow a user to communicate with the server product (when web services is not an option).

Steve Cholerton said...

Mike, yes I'm hoping it will be straightforward, it's one for later on though :-)

Richie Hindle said...

Hi Steve,

When I added automatic uploading of crash logs to Entrian Source Search I was in the same position as you - needing to do HTTP in .NET with no prior experience. This page: Retrieving HTTP content in .NET was a great help.

Steve Cholerton said...

Thanks Richie, I will be sure to check that out. Much appreciated. - Steve