Thursday, 4 September 2008

Webclip - Superb !

One of the features of Mac OSX Leopard and Safari is the Webclip. I’ve ignored it until recently and now having used it I can say it really is great.

Basically Webclip allows you to select a portion of a webpage that you are interested in, and that gets updated. To avoid going and manually checking for these updates you can select the page area and assign it to your Dashboard, where it is a mouse click away and constantly refreshed.

Some examples of use:

Google Analytics Graphs
Twitter Followers
Software Download Statistics

I have used it for all these purposes and more.

To use Webclip click the webclip button on the toolbar of your Safari browser and then select the portion of the page that interests you. When you have defined the area you need, click the Add button shown at the top right of the page.

That’s it. That portion of the page is now visible from your Dashboard.

Very Simple, Very Cool :-)

Below is an image as shown in my Dashboard from the MacUpdate Developers Account which I setup yesterday.
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