Tuesday, 16 September 2008

ArtenSPEAK for Special Needs ?

I just came across an article on the Alltogether blog http://alltogether.wordpress.com/ which mentioned my freeware program ArtenSPEAK.

I'm thrilled that it is mentioned on a site for people with special needs, it gave me a buzz to think that a little program I created in a couple of hours may be of use to someone disadvantaged. I never designed it with that in mind - and I feel rather ashamed it never occurred to me. It was designed so I could put me feet up on the desk, close my eyes and still catch up with my email or web page reading ...

As Samual Sennott mentions in one of his posts on the site (on a completely unrelated topic) 'imagine what could be done if thousands of people gave just one hour of their time'. The world would be a better place no doubt.

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Samuel Sennott said...

Steve, right on! Thanks for quoting the One to One Thousand concept too.

As for the ArtenSPEAK, a couple things would make it really helpful:

1. If it had a start and a stop button.

2. If using a key command you could tab through those buttons and use another key command to select the button. If it had an auditory feedback button, that would be awesome.

No pressure, just listing some helpful features. Check out Kurzweil 3000 and Read and Write Gold by TextHelp to see the full feature proprietary softwares if your interested in some of the advanced special education apps with tts.

Steve Cholerton said...

Thanks Samuel.

I've made a note of your comments and they may see the light of day in a future release. It may be a commercial release, but all Arten Science products are free to education organisations and charities.

I'll keep you informed.

All the best - Steve