Monday, 15 September 2008

Using ScreenAudit for some Time Lapse Photography with my iSight

I went away for the weekend and thought it would be interesting to point my iSight webcam out over the garden and tell ScreenAudit to take a photograph every 30 minutes. I also hoped to capture on camera the big cat beast (ok, it's a fox) that sneaks into my garden every night and uses it as a toilet ...

Forgetting that night means the absence of light I didn't get any pictures of the fox, but i did get nearly 4 days worth of time lapse photographs which was fun :-)

I found these interesting. The photos below show the arrival of dawn at around 06:50 and the way the sun illuminated the garden through to around 11:20.

If you've purchased ScreenAudit, let me know what you are using it for.

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