Friday, 5 September 2008

ScreenAudit Update: Timed Webcam Photos

The latest version of ScreenAudit gives you the option of getting photos taken from your computers webcam at a timed interval as well as screenshots from your monitor(s).

WHO did WHAT and WHEN on my Mac ? - ScreenAudit will show you.

Snapshots of your screen and webcam at definable timed intervals
Reminds you what you were doing, and when
Never forget to bill for your time, your actions recorded
Monitor if someone else uses your computer, and for what
Keep an eye on your children’s online activities
Monitor your home / pet / garden remotely
Supports multiple monitors
Speaks your own message when taking the snapshot
Adjustable snapshot quality
Can take snapshots of the Dashboard or all ‘Spaces’

More Information here: ScreenAudit
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