Thursday, 11 September 2008

ScreenAudit 1.1.4 Released

I've released an update to ScreenAudit. 1.1.4 gives the user the option of configuring ScreenAudit to capture the Camera, the Screen(s), Both or Neither (!!). Previous to 1.1.4 the assumption was made that screen capture would be the predominant use for ScreenAudit.

Feedback from customers has indicated that they would like the ability to perform *only* webcam capture for some kind of 'time lapse' / security recording purpose. This is a small update and was released a few minutes ago. It can be downloaded from the following location:

Since sending the Press Release for ScreenAudit the traffic to my site has been many, many times more than usual, so I apologise if it seems slow. I will be increasing bandwidth from next Tuesday.
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