Thursday, 4 September 2008

ArtenCHAT Beta Program

I’m currently developed a Local Area Network based Instant Messaging Chat and File Transfer Client. It will be Cross Platform, the intention is to support Windows 98 > Windows Vista, Mac OSX 10.5 Universal Binary and also Linux. It will have the ability to send and receive encrypted messages which will have to be decoded before being viewed. That should stop the embarrassment of a personal instant message arriving when you are not at your desk ... :-)

Many IT Departments are clamping down on the use of Instant Messaging clients because of the security risk with running open ports to the internet. ArtenCHAT will be a safe alternative for Departmental, Peer to Peer and Group Chat within the LAN. Easy and fast file transfer will be another advantage of ArtenCHAT.

I intend to make the software available free of charge for under 5 concurrent users, with an unlimited corporate license for £49. Feedback is welcome on the pricing as well as the concept.

If anyone would like to be a part of the Beta program they will receive a free full license when the product is complete, assuming of course that they actually provide me with some feedback :-)

For an invite to the Beta program please email
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Mike Pastore said...

As a fellow MicroISV-er, I'm very interested in how you will determine if a beta user has participated enough during the beta period to warrant a free copy once the software is released? I am facing the same dilemna for soliciting feedback from a beta.


Steve Cholerton said...

Hi Mike

I don't have that problem as I don't have enough people interested in the product to continue development at the moment :-(

My market research was in this case, poor to terrible !

Cheers - Steve