Wednesday, 24 September 2008

macVCR 1.1.0 Released

Following the release of macVCR yesterday evening I have received a deluge on emails. Most complimentary, some critical and many with suggestions on how to make the product better, or more useable for a particular purpose. I also had quite a few sales as well which suggests I did something right :-)

Todays update adds the following features:

Adjustable Resolution for the saved movie. The default is for the original resolution of your screen but this can now be changed.
Multiple Monitor Support, record from either of your first two monitors.
New Tools Menu with the option to calculate the Theoretical Maximum Frames Per Second.
FPS and Frame Interval (ms) shown prior to recording.
The settings screen has been re-designed to support the new options.

I have also resolved a small timing issue.

The latest version can be downloaded from here:

The trial version allows 60 seconds continuous recording.
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