Sunday, 27 April 2008

Oracle Now On Intel Mac OSX

The Oracle Instant Client has now arrived for MacOSX Intel. Although I couldn’t find any mention of it on the Oracle site, it does appear to be OSX Leopard only. So Tiger users are out of luck unfortunately. You can download the client, free of charge, here, and below you can see a successful SQLPlus connection from my OSX Terminal :-)

There is a couple of hoops to jump through to get it running, but it’s really quite straightforward. I will blog the steps required if anybody requests. Interestingly it support database from 8i onwards, which is good news for those who have legacy databases to deal with.

What this long awaited download gives us is native, direct access from our Mac applications on our Intel boxes, no need for ODBC drivers any more :-) I’m looking forward to giving it a bit of a workout, unfortunately I have some Windows C# programming and a couple of other things to finish first :-(

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Anonymous said...

The url for your OCA cram pdf doesn't work. Any chance you could update it?

Steve Cholerton said...


I have updated the link. Thanks for letting me know. The link is here also:

Cheers - Steve