Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Online Encryption Utility

The ENKript! Online Utility can work standalone or in conjunction with the ENKript! client software which is Windows only and is available for download from www.genesyssolutions.co.uk.

To access ENKript! point your browser at
http://www.genesyssolutions.co.uk. Select the ‘Online Utilities / ENKript!’ menu. You will see the screen shown below:

ENKript! allows you to encrypt and decrypt text. Without your secret key the text cannot be decrypted. The idea is that you agree in advance a ‘secret key’ between yourself and whoever else needs to view the decrypted text. Once this secret key is in place you can use ENKript! to encrypt your text by pasting the text into the ‘Plain Text’ area, inputting your secret key and selecting the ‘Closed Padlock’ icon. The encrypted text appears within the ‘Encrypted Text’ area. From here it can be selected and copied into an email or document.

One the recipient gets your email or document they can access ENKript!, paste your encrypted message into the ‘Encrypted Text’ area, input the secret key and select the ‘Open Padlock’ icon. The decrypted message will be shown in the ‘Plain Text’ area.

The secret key can be between 4 and 16 characters, 16 characters is recommended for maximum security as the strength of the encryption is directly related to the length of the secret key.

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