Thursday, 24 April 2008

IP Utility Uploaded, pcInfo

I have lots of Virtual Machines. With my new MacPro I often run several simultaneously, both clients such as XP and Vista and also servers, mainly Windows 2003 running various flavours of Oracle or SQLServer. As they often need to talk to one another I decided it would be useful to develop an application that could run on startup and display the network information such as IP Address, Subnet Mask and MAC Address in a small window on the desktop. No more clicking to access the IP details or opening a command window to do an ipconfig.

pcInfo is the result of scratching that itch yesterday afternoon. Below you can see screenshots of pcInfo running on MacOSX and also Windows Vista.

pcInfo can be downloaded here. The zip file contain four versions of the file to run on the following operating systems:

Mac OSX Intel
Mac OSX Universal Binary
Windows 95 through XP and Vista

Another situation is which this program would prove useful is if you are running banks of servers, maybe accessing them using RDC or VNC or maybe through a KVM switch ?

pcInfo remembers it's position on the screen when the application is closed by writing to the Preferences.txt file. This file is stored in the same directory as the application itself.

pcInfo is copyright Steve Cholerton 2008. You may freely download and use this application without charge. However if you use it and you find it useful, please drop me a line and let me know.

If you think of any ideas for improvements or additional features then I would also appreciate hearing from you.

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