Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Security Primer: Authentication

Authentication is the act of confirming that someone is who they say they are. From the perspective of computer or network security the device needs to be able to cross reference the data that is input as the data that is expected in order to be able to allow access to controlled resources.

Authentication comes before, and is different to Authorisation. Once you are authenticated with a system, you can then be Authorised to access agreed system resources. Access criteria is the crux of Authorisation.

There are generally thought to be three ways to authenticate:

        Something a person knows
        Something a person has
        Something a person is

Something a person knows:
Password, Pass Phrase or Pin Number Etc.

Something a person has:
ID Card, Security Token, Mobile Phone Etc.

Something a person is:
Fingerprint, DNA, Retina Scan, Voice Scan Etc.

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