Thursday, 23 November 2006

New Addition to My Collection !

Well, I didn’t realize that I had a collection of watches until my wife asked me to count them before deciding whether I *really* needed another one ... when the count surpassed a dozen I decided that I was in fact a collector, which means I have a need to add to my collection ...

This one is an MTM Blackhawk and it arrived today. This is an excellent watch. It’s solid, heavy and virtually indestructible, if you need a tough watch for outdoor use, I doubt this can be beaten. Here’s a picture.

I purchased the watch from and received it the following day, how’s that for service !

Here’s some information I found that describes the background:

The US Special Forces wanted a new watch (one that was more rugged and reliable) about 18 years ago. They approached a company in California (MTM) and asked them to design a sort of Swiss Army Knife watch.

Over the next two years the company spent some time talking to NASA and MIT (Mass' Institute of Technology). Together they came up with a watch that would be one of the most accurate watches in the world.

They did all sorts of searches and tests to find the best materials for it (carbon fibre, diamond hardened quartz glass etc). The battery electro-magnetic recharging system originally existed as something developed for NASA (meant you could generate more efficient electricity in space via spacial object discharges). MIT played with it and got it into a stand which recharges the battery.

The way they designed the shielding around the battery meant that it would survive an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) such as can be caused by a nuclear explosion or an EMP generator. This meant that the watches became virtually indestructible. They are water resistant to 300m. They can resist pressures of up to 15 atmospheres (which would have killed a human after about two and a half seconds).

They were issued (officially) to the Special Forces (Delta Force, Army Rangers, SWAT Teams, Navy Seals). After a year the civilian forces (FBI, DEA and CIA) wanted them and about six months after that the Army, Navy and USAF ordered them.

The British got hold of them a while ago and the SAS and SBS got them. Several Army, Navy and RAF officers got hold of them and they spread. Now even the Israeli Mossad use them now, along with the British MI5 and MI6 Intelligence Agencies.

I just need to see whether it is tough enough to survive the average day in my IT Department ...

"Help others get ahead. You will always stand taller with someone else on your shoulders." - Bob Moawad

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