Friday, 24 November 2006

Securing the Network: 5

Securing The Network
A Post on Corporate Security Issues for the Non Technical

This post covers:
                Service Packs / Updates
If somebody has physical access to your servers then all further security is completely compromised. Your servers should be located in a secure location, i.e. safe from theft, tampering, fire and flood and ideally accessed only remotely using tools such as Remote Desktop and VNC.

TECH NOTE: VNC (Virtual Network Computing): This is a desktop sharing system ideal for use when attempting to administer a computer that is located inconveniently.

Service Packs / Updates
As with anything else concerning security, the installation of Service Packs and Updates is a compromise.

Install them quickly when released and you may secure your servers from a current threat, however if you have not had time to test the updates then they may cause serious problems on your systems.

Personally I lean towards installing them quickly on machines that may be exposed to the external threat and taking my time on machines that are unlikely to be threatened.

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