Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Arten Science New Website Live and Kicking :-)

Today I uploaded the new website for Arten Science. It was a big job to do as I have limited graphical skills, but I know what I like and I now have a website that in my opinion is clean and unfussy. Minimal even. As you can probably tell I am quite pleased with it. It is not 100% finished yet but most of the content is there.

The obvious answer would have been to hire a designer to do my website but I guess I am somewhat of a control freak and I can get it done much faster on my own and I am comfortable that I can go in when needed and edit the content or anything else without affecting anything.

A screenshot of my homepage is shown below, even better - go visit:

I made the transition from iWeb to Rapidweaver as a web development tool and I am so pleased I did. While Rapidweaver takes slightly longer (couple of hours) to get used to it is far far more powerful than iWeb. It plays nicely with SEO and HTML without jumping through hoops. iWeb is great to get you started but you WILL outgrow it.

I also made the decision to switch from the Kagi Store to having PayPal 'Buy Now' buttons against each product. This looks better, works quicker, costs me less and I believe will be easier for my customers. Time will tell.

For the first time Arten Science has a blog with a proper RSS feed :-) Subscribe now to be kept up to date with new products and updates to existing products.
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