Friday, 12 December 2008

Tailored Marine Bedding and Supplies, A Happy Customer

A customer of mine has recently setup a new business dealing with tailored supplies for yachts and boats. The guys who have setup this company are all extremely successful businessmen who I have known for years.

The initial and primary focus of the company is on tailored bedding. Obviously the shape of the cabins in a yacht mean that the beds are not the traditional rectangular shape and so it is difficult and expensive to procure fitted bedding. Given the track record of the founders, the quality of the products and the effort that has gone into this I believe this is going to be an extremely successful venture.

The company is Tailored Marine Supplies and their website is at

My involvement with this venture is from the IT and software perspective. My ArtenSUITE Framework has been used to develop a suite of modules specifically for TMS.

All the products information, pictures and prices are setup and stored on my hosted database. ArtenSUITE is a Mac OSX and Windows Client running locally, it is only the database that is remote. This works extremely well as TMS are based in Spain, I am in the UK. They need to run the software, I need to maintain it and back it up. The online ordering website also pulls all it's information from this hosted database and save quotes and orders back to this database.
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