Wednesday, 3 December 2008

DataClean Preview: Cross Platform Utility for Data Controllers

The Preview Edition of DataClean is available for download. Although the release version will be a Cross Platform Utility, the Preview Edition is Mac OSX Only.

DataClean is a Cross Platform Utility designed to make it straightforward to ‘clean’ large amounts of data. Data can be imported from a CSV or TAB delimited file, modified (any column, any row) and then saved back in several different formats including native Excel (XLS).

DataClean supports the following Actions: Remove / Replace / Find / Insert and Format. Within each Action DataClean provides Tasks. For example; within the Remove Action there is the Task ‘Remove Trailing Spaces’.
The Preview Version of DataClean is Framework complete, but at the moment has few Tasks. I am looking for feedback as to what you think should be available within DataClean.

All suggestions are welcome.
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