Friday, 4 July 2008

Online Store :-)

It’s took a little more than 30 days but my product is now available to buy from my online store. It can be accessed from my purchasing page. I’ve gone with Kagi for the store after doing a fair bit of research on the web. The fees are quite high though hence I offer a discount to customers who pay by UK Cheque or Bank Transfer. There is also a US$15 fee for wiring over the money each month.

It’s time to wind down a bit now. I’ve just written a cross platform image viewer for one of my other products, ArtenScan, and once I’ve documented it, uploaded it, put screenshots on my site etc. etc. etc. that’s all I’m doing before I take a break for a week, doing a Mediterranean Cruise. When I get back it’s onto Marketing and SEO ...

In my absence I have somebody preparing and sending a mailshot so that when I get back I can chase up the letters via a phone call. How much fun is that :-(

Anyway - I hope everybody else is doing OK with their products - I’ll be following the feed on my iPhone while I’m away on so keep on blogging :-)

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