Friday, 18 July 2008

30 Day Challenge is Stupid - NOT !

Ian Landsman wrote a post on how he thinks the ‘30 Day Challenge’ is a stupid idea. I follow Ian’s blog and I respect his opinion but I think he missed the point on this one. It provoked a few responses, my own response is shown below:

I think 30 days is plenty of time to do plenty of things :-) Nobody expects that the 30 days is the end of the work, it's really the beginning of making a *product* but it can be plenty of time to create a *program*. It depends on what the program needs to do - customers want a solution and as long as your product provides enough of a solution for the money you are asking then it doesn't matter if it took 3 days, 30 days or 3 years.

When creating bespoke software solutions 30 days is a *big* job (for me anyway) and would be extremely expensive for the customer. Programs taking 1-2 weeks are more the norm for me. I admit this is vastly different to creating a *product* but the coding element is similar. I think thats what the 30 Day thing was about - the coding.

Besides, it was a fun exercise and well worth doing :-(

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