Sunday, 23 December 2007

Trouble with Oracle 10g on a VM

I have been having trouble until recently running Oracle 10G within a Virtual Machine environment. I have tried Parallels / VMWare / Virtual Server and Fusion. Always the same result, the database runs ok and maybe survives a couple of reboots, however sooner or later the database will refuse to start. The Operating System installed within the VM is Windows Server 2003 R2.

I have found a solution that works to restart the database successfully, although I have not yet found the reason for the problem in the first place. If you find yourself in a similar situation and you are presented with the following when attempting to connect to your Oracle Database:

ORA-01034: ORACLE Not Available
ORA-27101: Shared Memory Realm Does Not Exist

then this is what you need to do to start the database:

Firstly open the Command Line shell and perform the following (shown in bold):

C:\ sqplus /nolog
SQL> conn system/password as sysdba
SQL> shutdown abort
SQL> startup

Here is an alternative method that has also worked for me:

Create a file in the root of drive C: called startup.sql, these are the contents:


then create a file called Startup.Bat with the following contents:

c:\Oracle\product\10.2.0\<SID>\bin\sqlplus -s "/ as sysdba" @ c:\startup.sql

(Obviously replace <SID> with your database ORACLE_SID)

When you wish to start the database just run the startup.bat batch file.

That’s it. With luck your database with startup as required and all is well with the world. Now to find out why it happens in the first place ...

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