Sunday, 23 December 2007

pcWatcher 1.0 Uploaded

I have just uploaded pcWatcher to my website. A screenshot can be viewed here and the program can be downloaded free of charge here. Here’s an extract from the README file supplied with the program:

PCWATCHER is a Windows utility, written in .NET that performs three functions:

Memory Monitor: pcWatcher monitors the amount of memory that you are using and displays it in real time within the window.

File Monitor: pcWatcher can monitor files that are Created, Deleted or Changed and displays these to the screen.

Spy Alert: pcWatcher checks for the existence of the spy programs Spector Pro and eBlaster, and alerts you if these are installed on your system.

In addition pcWatcher displays additional information such as the status of your network connection, the version of windows you are using, the computer and user name.

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