Sunday, 29 July 2007

Finding a Good Camping Spot

I’m on holiday the moment on the East Coast and although I’m staying in a chalet at the moment, in comparative luxury, I am looking forward to my next motorcycle camping trip, probably in September. It’s been a while since I’ve camped and I’ve spent some time thinking about finding a good spot and the extra requirements of camping overnight with a motorcycle. I’ve compiled the list of tips below:

1. This should go without saying given the problems recently with flooding, but do not be tempted to camp too close to water in low lying areas. Flooding can occur quickly and unpredictably and can be inconvenient at best and deadly at worst.

2. Avoid hollows in the ground, both water and cold air can collect there.

3. Be sure to check the ground for creatures, creepy crawlies, rocks, roots, animal trails, broken glass etc.

4. Positioning your tent on very slightly sloping ground, and sleeping with your head at the highest point may make you more comfortable.

5. Put something under the stand of your bike if parking on soft ground.

6. Keep yourself out of sight of roads or houses if possible. Outside of the UK particularly you may be at risk camping, especially alone.

7. Avoid camping under trees. Objects can and do fall out of trees, from branches to creatures, it can also be more dangerous during a storm because of lightning.

8. Erect your tent with the door facing downwind, you will be warmer and are less likely to have something undesirable blown into your tent

Something to bear in mind is that in England you need permission to camp pretty much everywhere. As you are unlikely to even know whom to seek to ask for permission, be sensible and as much as possible invisible. Respect the land. Peace Out !

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