Friday, 26 May 2006

5 Minute Google Tutorial

Many people don’t realise that there any many options to Google that can help make your search far more accurate and useful. Below I have listed some of the features that can be used through the standard web interface.

'I'm Feeling lucky' gives the Number 1 ranked result.
Boolean default is AND.
To search ALL words enclose them as a PHRASE "to be or not to be".
Google is NOT Case Sensitive.
use OR or Pipe (|) ie: "James Bond" (Aston OR Lotus).
The OR should be in CAPITALS.
To exclude use the MINUS (-) symbol immediately before the word: ie: "James Bond" Car -Lotus -Aston.
STOP WORDS are not Searched: a I and the of etc.
To include STOP Words use the PLUS (+) symbol immediately before the word.
Tilde symbol (~) includes synonyms. ie: ~bike (motorbike, cycle etc.)
Synonyms will be Bolded in the results page.
Number ranges ie: 3..5 Megapixels.
Minimum ie: 100..
Maximum ie: ..100.
Google implicitly uses Stemming, ie: Dietary gives Diet and Diets.
* is the full word wildcard.
10 word limit to Google searches, not counting the * wildcards.

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