Monday, 9 February 2009

Setting up Version Control on your Mac with Cornerstone

Cornerstone is a relatively new source control client for the Mac that also comes with Subversion built in. No need to install any additional libraries.

The first thing to do is download and install Cornerstone. You get a 14 day trial so no need to get your credit card out just yet.

Once installed, launch Cornerstone.

Now make two folders on your computer. One is to store the Subversion repository, ie: /Volumes/SJC/Subversion Repository and the other is for storing the working copy of your project ie: /Users/stevecholerton/Desktop/SVN

The first thing to do is create the respository within Cornerstone. Click Add Repository and fill in the details for the drawer window that opens. Click the Add button.

You now have a repository that contains the default folder structure for Subversion.

The next thing you need to do is populate that repository with your project files. Right click the repository and select Import. Fill in the information as requested and click the Import button.

It's a good idea to fill in the change log with something appropriate:

After you press the Commit button it may take a few seconds for your new repository to be populated with your project files.

You should now have a repository populated with your project.

The next step is to create an initial working copy of your project. This is the location where you will actually work with your files. Select your repository and from the Working Copy menu select 'Check Out Working Copy...'

You now have a working copy of your project. You can work with this copy as you would normally. I'll cover checking your changes back into the repository in a later post.
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A said...

This read was great! Thanks for sharing. I've just started using version control in my work (as i didn't need it by now). At first I was a bit confused but thanks to your input now I think I know how to setup all my projects. I'll go find the next tutorial on how to update the repo.