Monday, 24 November 2008

R10Cipher Released Today by Arten Science

We have released R10Cipher today.
R10Cipher is a simple Cross Platform Encryption / Decryption tool.

R10Cipher basically takes text and encrypts it using up to 128 bit Blowfish encryption. This Cipher Text can then be copied into an email, saved as a file and attached to an email or just copied elsewhere and the recipient can use R10Cipher to open the file and view the encrypted contents, assuming they are in possession of the Shared Key that was used to encrypt the document in the first place.

Many people do not realise that sending an email is the equivalent of sending a postcard, it's contents are easily visible. For many companies, individuals and markets this is totally unacceptable and with the potential complexity and setup issues with the Public Key Encryption systems it makes sense to encrypt using a utility such as this.
R10Cipher can also be used in conjunction with Sicuro my 'Data Vault' software that will be available before Christmas 2008. I have added the functionality of R10Cipher to Sicuro, so a user of Sicuro and a user of R10Cipher can share encrypted documents with no problems.

Below are some examples of Usage:

Example 1: One to One Private Communications

Bill and Ted want to discuss plans for their next Excellent Adventure. Knowing that their email can be easily read they decide on a Shared Secret ‘Bill+Ted=Wyld”. They type their discussions into R10Cipher and save the encrypted text as a file which they attach to their emails. They are now secure in the knowledge that no-one can foil their plans.

Example 2: One to Many Private Communications

Bill and Ted decide they want to involve the Historical Babes in some of their plans, but not all. The four of them agree a Shared Secret and now Bill and Ted can communicate between themselves using their own Shared Secret and if they wish to include the Historical Babes they use the second Shared Secret agreed between the four of them.

Example 3: One to Many Private Communications over a Public Medium

Frodo is setting off on his next adventure and as is the fashion nowadays he wants to update the world with his travels via an online blog. With his new Macbook Air this will work great but there is some information he wishes only to be read by Merry and Pippin who are holding the fort for him back in Hobbiton.

Before he sets off the three of them agree on a Shared Secret and as Frodo updates the world via his blog he uses R10Cipher to append an encrypted entry on the end, knowing that the world can see but not understand his instructions, which are only for the eyes of Merry and Pippin.

Example 4: The benefits of Cross Platform

Unfortunately, small and sexy though it is, the Macbook Air is just a little bit too big (and lets face it - expensive - to take across Middle Earth, what with the Orcs and all. At the last minute Frodo switches to a Dell Mini 9 running Linux which came free with his mobile broadband card. Luckily R10Cipher works as well on Linux as it does on the Mac so Frodo has no need to change his plans.

Example 5: R10Cipher Not Just for Men

While Frodo is off on his travels his wife, feeling lonely, takes a lover. Knowing that the local Hobbiton ISP takes quite an interest in the emails to and from the villagers, they both use R10Cipher to arrange their rendezvous. Even hobbits need loving, besides it was rather selfish of Frodo to disappear like that for months at a time - and who knows what he got up to with Sam on that first journey to Mordor ?
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