Sunday, 3 August 2008

MonkeyBread Software Plugin Help System

After evaluating the REALbasic Plugins from MonkeyBread Software for the last couple of weeks I have gone ahead and ordered the complete bundle. At around 200 Euros it’s good value for money, providing over 20000 extra functions for use within your RB programs. I’m especially impressed with the Java and CGS Transition functions, they work very well and are simple to incorporate into your own applications.

With so many functions available and over 7000 pages of documentation (that’s not a mis-type, there really are over 7000 pages) it can be daunting finding the information you require. Fortunately MBS provide a Documentation Search program. The program works but is not at all polished. It is provided as Open Source so I decided to make some modifications to make it slicker and more useful.

The modifications I have made are as follows:

Quit application when window closed
Named the application
Listbox modified to use small font
Window is now resizable
Window position and size now saved
Recent Searches List Added, Click to Select
Logo Added
Incorporated CGS Transition Effects on Search and Close

The executable file can be downloaded from here:

Mac Download
Windows Download

The source code is available to anyone who is interested, just drop me an email.

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